Every now and then, a marketing buzzword surfaces that keep the marketers busy.
The present buzzword is influencer marketing.

What is this phrase all about?
It is an approach that focuses on a few key individuals to drive a company’s brand message.

Let us put it in a clearer way.
It is not just the captains of the industry that provide the pathway for a company’s growth. 

Anyone with a Facebook or a Whatsapp account, or a blog has a voice in the market. 
These are the type of people who have the potential to shape the target market’s audience. 

Yes, social media cannot be ignored even in a B2B environment. 
•    More than 100 million blogs have been indexed
  •    Every second, thousands of tweets are created via millions of users

It is no wonder entrepreneurs are realizing that social influence marketing is an essential element of any marketing strategy. 
A new study has revealed that B2B marketers are increasingly realizing the leverage social media can pull in building brand awareness. 
In this regard, a B2B portal like Esources certainly drives a company towards its marketing goals. 
To start with, even for a social media campaign you need the wealth of information contained in a B2B portal.

According to an esources.co.uk review, “It is UK’s largest wholesale directory of distributors and suppliers. Thousands of traders are joining this portal every month”. 
A social media presence can add muscle to a company’s brand building goals.

A B2B portal can create a hub when business groups can assemble, discuss, and seek answers to pressing issues. 

For example, a portal like Esources can be an excellent platform to post content on B2B marketing. After all, it has a huge membership base and a good chance that quality articles will be read. 

An Esources review was on target when it commented, “It is a place where your customers and prospects converge online”. 

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